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This list and these pages would not be possible without the help of many knowledgeable people to assist in putting it all together. Here are just a few.
  • Jason Adcock
  • Greg Beaulieu
  • Charley "Oldsmagnet" Buehner
  • J. Matthew Daugherty
  • D Frizsell
  • Randy Geisel
  • Mark R. Largent
  • Tom Lentz
  • Jason Marshall
  • John McJunkin
  • Keith D. Miller
  • Dana Minyard
  • Doug Newman
  • Mike Rothe
  • James from PlanetCGI

  • Spots Interconnect, Inc.
  • PlanetCGI
  • Rocket Divider Graphic provided by Gary Fochi. Used with permission.
  • Past, present, and future members of the Oldsmobile G-Body Mailing List

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